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Much of the content of my genealogical research found on this, as well as my other web sites, is contained PDF files linked to web pages.  These PDF files are extracts from the Folio Views infobases/books that I have prepared, recorded on DVD discs and printed and bound as books for members of my immediate family.

There are three separate Infobase/Book (PDF) Library lists.  Click HERE to go to the Library List for CHAPTERS IN DOW FAMILY HISTORY on a page of another website.  When you are done, if you wish to return to this web site, click BACK  in your browser.

There are two other separate Infobase/Book (PDF) Library lists available only to members of my immediate family who have access rights:

Click HERE to go to the Library List for REFLECTIONS - AN ILLUSTRATED AUTOBIOGRAPHY with links to PDF files about Gerald Wayne Dow's life.  This list contains links to 54 PDF files containing 14,254 pages.

Click HERE to go to the Library List for DESCENDANTS OF GERALD WAYNE and LINDA ELAINE DOW with links to PDF files about their interests and activities.  This list contains links to 23 PDF files containing 2,974 pages.




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