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        The Book of Dow is 7-1/4 inches wide, 10-1/2 inches high, and 3 inches thick. It contains 1013 pages. The first 520 pages are devoted to the a line of Henry Dow 1637, in Book One.  Pages 521-541 are devoted to the Nudd line.

        Book Two, the descendants of Thomas Dow of Newbury in 1639, the b line, begins on page 545 and continues through page 747.  This is the line to which our Dow family is related.  Throughout this web site members of the b line that are our direct ancestors are highlighted in yellow.

        Pages 747 through 750 cover the c line; page 751 the d line; pages 752 through 754 the e line; pages 755 through 757 the f line; pages 758 though 763 the g line.  Appendix I contains Dows in the Census of 1790 (pages 764 through768); Appendix II contains Dows and Nudds in Revolutionary War Rosters (pages 769 through 778).  The index to the first 778 pages of the book starts on page 779 and continues through page 938.  Beginning on page 984 and continuing through 1013 is a supplement containing additions, corrections and an index to the supplement.

        Transcribed on this site are the pages, or portions of pages, extracted from The Book of Dow that I feel are of particular interest to members of our family.   Included are the following categories of material/pages from the book:

Book of Dow Title page
Illustrations of the Book of Dow
Book of Dow Quotations page
Book of Dow Dedication page
Book of Dow Author's introduction
Book of Dow Author's commentary about the name Dow
Book of Dow Indexing/numbering system
Selected pages from the Book of Dow about our line of Dows
Selected pages from the Book of Dow not about our family line

I have also included the following sections:

Our family line not in The Book of Dow
Summary of my Dow Ancestral Line

        In addition to partial reproductions of the actual pages, I have included transcriptions all pertinent sections of the the book so that the contents can be searched using the Search functions of this web site. I  have also annotated the material where I know the information as originally printed in the book is inaccurate, providing the corrected information where I am able to.

        Note: The following abbreviations and symbols have been used in connection with dates and names:

c    before a date - indicates about or around the year/date shown
+     after a surname - indicates a known emigrant from Europe to North America
#     after a surname - indicates a known emigrant from Canada to US
&     after a surname - indicates a known emigrant from US to Canada
!       after a surname - indicates an unrelated person who has some direct connection with an
                     individual  included in this research


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