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 Joseph Dow & [bbbfaa] [RN3482]

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Joseph Dow & [RN3282], bbbfaa.
Thomas Dow, bbbfax. (See Sixth and Seventh Generation Background Information)
John Dow, bbbfab. (See Sixth and Seventh Generation Background Information)

        As noted at the end of the Fifth Generation page, the author of The Book of Dow states (page 560): "Joseph, surely the grantee of 1810; genealogically untraced".

        The story of Joseph Dow & [RN3282] bbbfaa ends at this point in the book and none of his descendents are identified as connected with him.  Today we know that this Joseph Dow is our direct ancestor and we can add the following information known about him:

        Joseph Dow & [RN3282] bbbfaa, b Southport, Lincoln, Maine, USA, around 1774, m Gagetown Anglican Church, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1797, Hannah Currier & [RN3283], age 26, daughter of Issacher and Rebecca (Morrill) Currier & [RN3285 and RN3285], born USA, resident of Burton/Oromocto, York County, New Brunswick, Canada, Free Christian Baptist/Anglican, five children:

            Sarah Dow [RN3076], bbbfaaa, b c1771, NB
            William Dow [RN 620], bbbfaab, b 14 March 1801, Fredericton, York Co, NB
            John Dow [RN1432], bbbfaac, b c1802-1803, St. John, St. John Co, NB
            Eunice Dow [RN3191], bbbfaad, b c1806, NB
            Emeline Dow [RN3280], bbbfaae, b 1810, NB

    [Double clicking on any of the above five underlined names will take you to a PDF file listing of their known descendants]

Notes: (1) DN 922-Claims he was United Empire Loyalist/Settled Gagetown
                        Colony North of Sheffield, Sunbury, NB, Canada.
            (2) DN 956.
            (3) DN 928-p.57.
            (4) DN 958-Census Wakefield, Carleton, NB [T-6298-p.39 for daughter
                        Emeline] says Joseph b. in US.
            (5) DN 662-m. Hannah Currier 1797 [Index of marriage records, Gagetown
                        Anglican Church, Queens, NB; publ. in WE LIVED, Oct 1979, p.44];
                        his brother, John, married in same church in 1809.
            (6) DN 899-p. 558-560.
            (7) DN1501-Genealogical notes-Ruth E. Dow.
            (8) DN1432-Orville Harp lineage chart.


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