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The Dows of New Brunswick
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Originals or reproductions of all documents that the author has been able to locate and assemble relating to the people who are the subject of this research are contained in the source document collection.  They are the source of all of the information compiled into the individual genealogical records contained in the individuals' compiled records.  

All source documents have been numbered consecutively with "DN" numbers from DN 1 through DN3441, in the order in which they were randomly recorded and indexed.  Their order has no relevance to when they were acquired, to whom they relate or to the date of the document itself.

Since a document may contain more than one page and since, in some cases, a single document number (DN) may embrace multiple unique documents, each unique page has also been numbered sequentially (PN).  All page numbers have been numbered consecutively with "PN" numbers from PN  1 through PN14881.

A description of the index (the index is not on this, or the companion web site) of these source documents can be found by clicking here.

Information about notations on these documents can be found by clicking here.

Images of all the source documents are contained in a series of separate infobases that can be found below in a later section.





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