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The following conventions have been followed in formatting information:

Dates - day, month (three-letter abbreviation), year, without punctuation [e.g., 20 NOV 1880]. Any unknown element is indicated either by a blank or a question mark ("?"). A question mark ("?") appearing after a date is an indication of uncertainty about the date.

Places - town/city, township, county/parish, state/province (two-letter standard postal abbreviation), country - without punctuation [e.g., LOWER BRIGHTON BRIGHTON CARLETON NB CANADA or ARGUSVILLE WISER CASS ND USA]. Unknown elements are omitted without any indication.  The reader is cautioned, therefore, that what may appear in the initial position of a name to be a name of a town/city may in fact be a township or county/parish name if the former could not be determined.


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